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Parish New is our Quarterly newsletter. It contains a Pastor's Letter, upcoming parish events, endowment and fund contributor lists, names of those recently receiving sacraments, recently deceased and the annual financial report. We mail it free to registered parish members. Weekly bulletins are at church and on line at www.SeekandFind.com.

Living Our Mission
September 2010: The Catholic Mirror for Every Household

Our full color diocesan magazine is mailed to parish members 6 times a year. News in it is global, national, and local. Its features are inspiring and heartwarming. Note the message from our Pastor on the back cover. Your $15 subscription contribution defrays its expense to the parish. Bishop McDonnell regards this publication as an important educational and evangelization outreach.

ACA Neighbor Helping Neighbor

This annual diocesan appeal is vital to many services from which we benefit. These include school tuition aid for Catholic School students, media coverage of parish events, the weekly televised Mass and Real to Reel broadcasts, lay ministry training, Religious Education resources for all ages, Wedding Anniversary and Engaged Couple celebrations, Catholic Charities projects, Child Protection programs, and more.

Year-Round Soup Kitchen Service

At every church door, there is a collection area for non-perishable food items. The staff of Open Pantry, Inc. collects these regularly for distribution to local people In need. Open Pantry provides free daily meals nearby. Several times annually, parish group cook and serve for about 150 guests at the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen. Also, on First Fridays, volunteers serve about 60 at Lorraine's Soup Kitchen and Pantry in Chicopee.

Restorative Justice

Every month, a trained volunteer board meets here with incarcerated persons. Their challenging dialogue and planned actions are designed to effect personal, guided restitution for criminal offenses. We provide meeting space and some board membership for this program of our County Corrections Department.

Ronald McDonald House Tabs

The Women's Guild leads our ongoing collection of aluminum can tabs. We have sent thousands of soda can tabs to the fundraising campaign of the Ronald McDonald House in our city. Collect them at home and work and add them to the containers at every entrance.

Members' Envelopes

Upon registration in the parish, you are asked if you prefer to receive weekly or monthly envelopes for your regular support. We use your contributions responsibly, to allot salaries, utility and liability expenses, program development, buildings safety and aesthetics, liturgical furnishings, etc.  There's a summary of this weekly Income in the Sunday Bulletin, and an annual report in Parish News. Copies of your donations are available annually for your tax records.